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First, what you must know about WordPress?

WordPress is an open source CMS platform. It's popular because of it "easy" to use interface, simple access and deployable third-party themes, plugins and widgets that facilitates integration. Besides the "easy" view of this CMS platform, having a team of wordpress developers and wordpress design can help you avoid the common issues with your website.


Secure your website.

Some of the themes and plugins commonly used are often developed by people that are not regulated. The modules can contain malicioues code. WordPress is a popular CMS but highly targeted by hackers. Our vancouver wordpress development team makes sure to evaluate and structure the code in order to preven this issues and secure your website.

Updates & Maintenance

How will you handle with your website in future?

The idea behind every wordpress development project we do is that our client is able to update their content and manage their platform easily. WordPress doesn't offer any direct support, this is why our vancouver wordpress development team go through the platform with the client in order to allow them to update their content as well as providing the support needed for a long-term sucessful website.

Open Source?

Only the WordPress CMS access is free.

When looking at the broader picture the development, plugins, hosting and deployment can become quite expensive. WordPress requires plugins and themes for any form of customization, and most of the freely available ones are not always reliable or safe. It's important to get a vancouver wordpress developement team that secure the resources used for your website.

WordPress Web Development team

Many WordPress developers are not programmers.

Working with a non-developer or maybe a not so experienced one is very risky for businesses that require reliability in their website development team. WordPress development often requires customization on plugins to create the platform you are looking for and having the right team can make the difference on how your platform performs

WordPress Disadvantages

Before jumping head first into the Wordpress CMS platform, you should also be completely clear on its limitations and vulnerabilities. If you consider your website as a critical part of your business and your livelihood, you should consider your options. Whether you need a wordpress squad to start your wordpress development project or you decide to use a different CMS, we can help. Getting exactly what you are looking for, with a long-term functionality is what CodeTactic team is about.

Website Updates & Maintenance

The main premise behind using Wordpress is how it empowers site owners to easily update the site's content. This is true; however, what is not initially known is that there is a big learning curve to use the Wordpress' content management tool properly. Additionally, since this tool is unintuitive to average site owners, you will find updating content time consuming and overwhelming. What they don't tell you... In almost all of the Wordpress installations that CodeTactic has completed, the client ends up asking us to make the website changes as they find this to be an arduous task. Furthermore, the online Wordpress documentation are incomplete and inconsistent, causing hours of frustration to most Wordpress user. Having a dedicated vancouver development team and designers help you with updates along the way.

Wordpress has Millions of Plugins

Wordpress plugins and themes are external software modules that can be implemented to your wordpress site to add functionality. What they don't tell you... Plugins are susceptible to software bugs, hacking and viruses... and it happens very often! In the past years, our vancouver wordpress development team has been contracted to solve Wordpress hacks and virus issues by many Wordpress site owners. Having a wordpress squad like CodeTactic can help prevent this type of issues, we make sure to check the code and structure it for its success.

Wordpress Speed

Wordpress uses a CMS to build its web pages. What they don't tell you... Wordpress is extremely slow! The Wordpress CMS engine that runs on the hosting server requires more resources than conventional web pages. In addition, Wordpress adds a lot of extra, unnecessary code to each web page, increasing the physical size of the page, thus slowing its delivery to your PC or mobile device. Web site load time is one of the crucial factors in Goggle's keyword ranking algorithm. Therefore, slow sites can negatively impact your Google keyword ranking.

Wordpress SEO

Yes, there are Wordpress add-on SEO Plugins for optimizing your website for Google and other search engines. What they don't tell you... These plugins such as "All-in-one" and "Yoast SEO" only allow certain subsets of elements on a site to be optimized. You can not optimize your site' SEO 100% with a Wordpress plugin. You need the wordpress squad expertise and knowledge of how to use the optimization plugin. In addition, implementing an SEO strategy is more complex and comprehensive than one thinks. There are many moving parts to SEO optimization that we, at CodeTactic can take care of for your platform:

    Full control of your website's structure
    Ability to designate canonical URLs (search engine friendly URL that you want search engines to trust as authoritative)
    Website speed
    NO Exposure to security vulnerabilities
    Optimal and structured website code

WordPress Alternative Decision

Whether Wordpress is the right platform for your project (or not), CodeTactic has the experience and expertise to help you stick-handle the decision for high quality website development. Whether Wordpress or custom CMS, we will help you make this important decision and get your project completed on-time and on budget. We have taken many of the lessons learned from fixing Wordpress websites and developed a unique Wordpress Hosting platform that greatly reduces the risk and known issues associated to Wordpress website deployment. CodeTactic eliminates the frustration by delivering state of the art security features, automatic plugin updates, as well as alternative CMS solutions to suite your requirements. CodeTactic Media is based in North America and does not outsource clients' work to any third parties. All customization and development are done by CodeTactic in-house.

In most instances, CodeTactic recommends websites to be built from the ground up with a Front-End CMS if a Content Management System is at all required. Even though we can program Wordpress websites, we higly recommend websites to be designed securely and on a secure platform. The CodeTactic Frontend CMS is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and professionals. Our customer CMS is easy to learn for novice website owners, completely secure and hosted on the Amazon Web Services CDN network for lightening fast delivery.

Give our Wordpress alternative team a call or email us and receive a FREE CONSULTATION from one of our Wordpress and Custom CMS experts.

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